Month: January 2018

Pruning Plumerias After a Frost

Damage from a frost will not travel down the plant, but rot will. After a frost, plumeria stems that are damaged will turn black, all of the blackness must be cut off and some extra to prevent rot infections that will travel through the plant. NOTE: Plumeria sap is toxic, especially to your eyes. When trimming plumeria, always wear protective eyeglasses and gloves. Also consider covering your legs and arms. A frost can come up from the bottom of the plant too. Cut back to the trunk if this is happened and don’t worry. As long as the roots aren’t...

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Grow Plumeria in Southern California

Plumerias are kind… And thoughtful, they drop their leaves in the coldest part of the year so you can have more sunshine and warmth. Your plumeria is not dead, it’s just on winter break. In California, plumerias drop their leaves starting around Christmas time and then start leafing out after a couple of months. Some types of plumerias start before their leaves grow back, putting on a spectacular show. A good way to kill plumeria is to plant it in a wet clay soil in the shade. Think of them as a kind of cactus with beautiful leaves and...

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Tips on Growing Plumerias in Areas with Frost

Plumerias can survive a short freeze even a dip into the 20s, but longer than 30 minutes will begin to kill the bud ends. When the temperature drops below freezing, the latex sap freezes. Frost Prediction If there is going to be a freeze spray water on your plumerias, This is exactly what citrus growers do during frost. The dry surface and dust will attract frost crystals to the plant and cause it to freeze, also the water on the surface will freeze and absorb all of the cold as it freezes, saving the plant underneath. If you can...

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Plumeria vs Frangipani vs Frangipane The confusing names of plumeria, the lei flower

Plumeria has a rich history surrounding its name, enticing fragrance, pastry and lore. It has several names that include a fragrance and a dessert. Frangipani This name for plumeria is associated with fragrance, perfumes, creams and soaps especially in Europe and the old world. Actually, the history of the name is muddled. The Frangipani family was a powerful Roman patrician clan in the Middle Ages. The name comes from frangi “breaking” + pani “bread,” a reference to the family’s distribution of bread in time of famine. In the sixteenth-century this noble family in Italy claimed to invent a plumeria-scented...

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How much water should I give my Plumeria Cuttings?

One of the most common reasons for replacement cuttings is discovering that the Plumeria was over-watered.  We tend to think of plants needing plenty of water and sun.  Plumeria cuttings should get water – but allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. Do not over water.  This is important in providing the best chance of growing this beautiful plant. Our customer service is top notch; we are here to help in any way we can. Store...

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