Caring for Tropical Plants

Hawaii Plants are as varied as Hawaii, from high cool shady cloud forests where coffee grows, to lowland seaside dry lava, like Kona, where plumeria grows best.

  Warm 55F +   Sunny and Lit / or filtered.  Light soils that drain



Over watering inside a cool dim house is how most people rot and kill Hawaii plants.


*Cold and wet will kill most tropicals
Keep nighttime temps above 55F best is 72
Water less in winter
*Cold and wet will kill most tropicals

Add grow lamps or incandescent lights for more light and heat

Light soils that drain well

Blue Ginger
Ti Hibiscus Ferns Stephanotis

Most tropicals like the soil to dry out between watering

Hibiscus hate drafts
Coconuts hate the cold
Gingers hate drying out and they die at 41F

Light fertilize/ slow release

Summer Outdoors
when nighttime is above 55F
Transition them to sun slowly

Orchids like bright light, humidity and very fast drying potting mix and are tough
Don’t over fertilize

Plants the grow outside in frost free areas of California, Florida (and gulf shore with some emergency protection).
Blue Ginger

tropical plants with frost
tropical plants with frost