Yellow Kahili Ginger Root & Starter Plant


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This is the enticingly fragrant Hawaiian Kahili Ginger. It’s named after the kāhili, a staff or pole topped feathers, a symbol of the Hawaiian aliʻi chiefs and the noble houses. The Kahili ginger comes in the red and yellow colors you will see on poles in hotels and museums in Hawaii.

Yellow Ginger Root

Potted starter plant

  • Apx. 6 – 10 Inches – Potted in a 2.5 Inch container – No Bloom – When purchasing your Hawaiian plants, insist on plants from a certified pest-free nursery. You can accept your Hawaiian Tropical Plants from Discount Hawaiian Gifts with confidence that they are PEST-FREE and approved for export to the U.S. Their cuttings are from a certified Hawaiian nursery and have the proper Department of Agriculture stamp.
  • This is the official Hawaiian Tropical Plant and ships from HAWAII
  • Great for gift giving – Can be grown in a pot or in the ground.  

    Princess Keʻelikōlani with men holding the Kahili
    Princess Keʻelikōlani with men holding the Kahili


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