Kona Sunrise Coffee Gift Bag 4 Pack



  • About the product
    Hawaiian Isles Coffee Bean Kona Sunrise – 4 Bags
    Hawaiian insulated Lunch Bag
    Lunch Bag will be exactly as pictured!
    Insulated Lunch Bag is great for everyday use!

Lunch Bag Gift Basket with 4 bags 10 oz. each. Dark roasted, bold taste for those who like rich European style coffee. Kona Sunrise is a Kona blend that combines 10% Kona coffee and fine Arabica coffee from around the world to give you taste that you won’t soon forget. Packed in a beautiful reusable insulated lunch bag. Keep your delicious meals and snacks hot or cold with this stylish Insulated Non-Woven Lunch Bag. The lunch bag is made from durable polyethylene, lined with aluminum foil. This fabric has dotted imprints. The lunch bag has a handle and zipper closure. Measures approximately: 8.75 by 5.5 by 8.75 inches. Handle measures approximately 15.75 by 1 inch. Lunch Bag will be exactly as pictured!


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