Red and Green Ti Logs 2 Logs Per Pack



Ti plants are important Polynesian canoe plants, that survived the trip from Southern Polynesia to Hawaii. Used for leis, popular Hawaiian bouquets and great as plating and decor. Check out our Good Luck Ti Plant Article on the many uses, spiritual and historical aspects of the Ti plant.

Package contains 1 Red and 1 Green (2 logs total) Hawaiian Ti Plant “Logs.” Each “log” is approximately 3 inches in length. Ships from HAWAII.
Red Ti has vibrant red leaves
Believed by Hawaiians to bring good luck. In Hawaii today, many of our yards are hedged with ti (pronounced “tee”) for good luck.
This cutting comes from a certified Hawaiian nursery and comes with the Department of Agriculture stamp. You can accept it with confidence that it is PEST-FREE and approved for export to the U.S.
This cutting also comes with the HAWAII SEAL OF QUALITY. Hawaii’s Seal of Quality program has strict requirements. This seal represents the best of Hawaii’s agricultural producers. It protects the integrity of Hawaii branded products. Products with the Seal of Quality must be Hawaii-grown or Hawaii-made. This is an authentic Hawaii product.



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