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Grow Plumeria in Southern California

Plumerias are kind…

And thoughtful, they drop their leaves in the coldest part of the year so you can have more sunshine and warmth. Your plumeria is not dead, it’s just on winter break.

In California, plumerias drop their leaves starting around Christmas time and then start leafing out after a couple of months. Some types of plumerias start before their leaves grow back, putting on a spectacular show.

A good way to kill plumeria is to plant it in a wet clay soil in the shade. Think of them as a kind of cactus with beautiful leaves and flowers. Keep them cool and damp and they will rot.


Plumerias are a tropical dry-adapted plant and they love full sun. Sometimes plumerias don’t bloom if they get too much shade, 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight is best.


Plumerias In Containers

Plumerias make good container plants. To prevent fungal growth, plumerias need light soil with excellent drainage drainage. Sand and cactus mix with pumice or perlite will improve the drainage; wood chips or other compost can be added.Clay pots are better then plastic because they breathe.

Plumerias in the Ground

Plumerias will grow in poor soils and still produce an acceptable plant. If your soil drainage is poor, plant them on a slope where there can be no standing water. Or plant plumeria in a raised planter bed with a good draining mix.