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Stephanotis Floribunda – Madagascar Jasmine Tropical Plant Vine

Welcome to our certified nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii, where we take pride in offering you exquisite tropical plants, including the enchanting Stephanotis Floribunda, also known as Madagascar Jasmine.

The Stephanotis Floribunda is a captivating tropical plant vine native to Madagascar. Our carefully nurtured specimens boast luscious, waxy, white star-shaped flowers that bloom in clusters, emitting a delightful fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. The dark green and glossy vines add a touch of elegance to any space, making it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor settings.

Perfect for a variety of settings, our Madagascar Jasmine vines can reach impressive lengths while being easily manageable. Whether grown in hanging baskets, on trellises, or as part of your landscaping, the Stephanotis Floribunda is a versatile and charming addition to your home or garden.

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Stephanotis Floribunda Madagascar Jasmine plant


The beautiful Stephanotis Floribunda Madagascar Jasmine plant has white waxy trumpets about two inches long with a delicately pleasant fragrance. Although a native of Madagascar Jasmine, the fragrance captivated the native Hawaiians and they adopted this plant very quickly as a lei flower and especially as a wedding bouquet flower. That’s why the Hawaiian name is Pua Male or “marry flower”. This plant is a twining vine-like shrub with five pedal tubular, waxy flowers about 2 inches in length. Leaves are leathery, oval shaped,and the plant’s woody tendrils can grow to 20 feet a woody vine and the leaves are thick and glossy, but it is the fragrance you’ll treasure most.

Stephanotis Floribunda – Madagascar Jasmine Tropical Plant

Welcome to our Tropical Paradise Collection! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the exotic with our certified nursery’s crown jewel – the Stephanotis Floribunda, or as you might know it, the Madagascar Jasmine.

Why Choose Our Madagascar Jasmine?

Grown in the Tropical Haven of Hawaii: Our Madagascar Jasmine is meticulously cultivated in our certified nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii. Bask in the assurance that you’re getting the highest quality tropical plant from the heart of paradise.

Captivating Beauty: Imagine clusters of waxy, white, star-shaped flowers filling your space with an intoxicating fragrance akin to jasmine. The glossy, dark green vines add an elegant touch, making the Madagascar Jasmine perfect for indoor and outdoor settings.

Versatile and Manageable: Whether you’re adorning your balcony, patio, office, or landscaping your garden, our Madagascar Jasmine is versatile and easily manageable. Its vines can reach impressive lengths, making it a striking addition to any space.

Why Our Certified Nursery?

Individually Packaged Excellence: Each Madagascar Jasmine is individually packaged to ensure it arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition. Experience the joy of unwrapping a piece of tropical paradise.

Perfect Gift for Every Occasion: Searching for a unique and thoughtful gift? Our Madagascar Jasmine is the answer. Ideal for gardening enthusiasts, birthdays, holidays, or as a gesture of appreciation for co-workers, family, or friends.

Easy to Grow – Thriving Beauty Awaits!

Detailed Planting Instructions: Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, our Madagascar Jasmine is easy to grow. Each plant comes with detailed planting instructions, guiding you to nurture a thriving and flourishing piece of tropical bliss.

Versatile Applications: From houseplants to balcony, patio, and office plants, our Madagascar Jasmine fits seamlessly into any setting. Use it for indoor or outdoor landscaping, flower pots, or gardening projects – the possibilities are endless.

Choose Your Tropical Experience:

Options Galore: Select from a range of options, including starter plants and seeds. We offer other tropical plants, cuttings, roots, rhizomes, and tropical fruit seeds to add to your oasis. Tailor your experience and let the enchantment of the Madagascar Jasmine transform your surroundings.

Create Your Tropical Oasis Today!

Bring the allure of the tropics into your life with our Madagascar Jasmine. Order yours now and experience the beauty, fragrance, and charm of this exotic tropical plant. Your personal tropical paradise awaits – create it today!

 Stephanotis Floribunda Madagascar Jasmine Starter Plant 5 to 8 Inches Tall, Planted and Rooted in 2 inch Container No bloom.


  • Use a rich loamy soil that retains constant moisture, but not soggy
  • Fertilize with a half strength solution twice a month during the growing season
  • Mist regularly
  • Keep humidity level at 40 to 80 percent

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