Guava Fruit


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Guava Fruit Seeds


Exotic Guava Fruit Tree Seeds from the Big Island of Hawaii!

We we take pride in offering a piece of paradise with our certified-grown Guava fruit (Psidium guajava) seeds. Nestled on the lush landscapes of the Big Island of Hawaii, our nursery ensures that you receive top-quality tropical plants, cuttings, roots, rhizomes, and tropical fruit seeds.

If you’ve been on a Hawaiian vacation, chances are you had at least one memorable meal with the delicious and elevating Guava fruit. The largest guava plantation in the United States, with 480 acres under cultivation, is Guava Kai Plantation in Kilauea.

Guava is one of the most nutritious fruits available. The flesh is white, red, or salmon-colored and the flavor ranges from strawberry to lemon to tropical. Guavas are cholesterol- and sodium-free, plus low in fat and calories and high in fiber.

Guava fruit trees are tropical evergreen plants belonging to the Myrtaceae family. These trees are known for their round or pear-shaped fruits, which vary in size and color depending on the variety. Guava fruits typically have a green or yellow skin and soft, sweet, and aromatic flesh containing numerous small seeds at the center.

Guava Fruit Trees and Seeds:


How They Grow: Guava trees are relatively small, usually reaching a height of 20 feet or less. They have a spreading canopy with ovate leaves. The flowers are white, with prominent stamens, and they develop into fruits after pollination. Guava trees are hardy and can adapt to a variety of soil types, although they prefer well-draining soil.


Use in Cooking in Hawaii and Other Places: Guava fruit trees are perennial, this makes the fruit versatile in the kitchen and are used in various culinary applications in Hawaii and other tropical regions all year round. In Hawaii, guavas are often enjoyed fresh, sliced, and added to fruit salads. Guava juice and jams are popular products, showcasing the fruit’s sweet and fragrant flavor. The fruits can also be used in savory dishes, desserts, and beverages.

Light and Water Requirements: Guava trees thrive in full sunlight, so they should be planted in a location that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. Adequate water is crucial, especially during the flowering and fruiting stages. While they can withstand short periods of drought, consistent moisture promotes healthy growth and fruit development.

Growing as Houseplants and Outdoors:

  1. Versatile Tropicals: Whether you’re looking for houseplants, balcony plants, patio plants, office plants, indoor plants, or outdoor plants, our guava trees fit seamlessly into any setting. Their lush green foliage and delicious fruits make them an ideal addition to your living spaces. While guava trees are primarily grown outdoors, they can be cultivated as container plants and brought indoors during colder seasons in non-tropical climates. When grown indoors, they require bright, indirect light and well-draining potting soil. Outdoor cultivation is preferred in regions with a tropical or subtropical climate, where they can flourish and produce fruit throughout the year
  2. Landscaping Marvels: Enhance your garden’s beauty with our guava trees. Perfect for landscaping, flower pots, and garden beds, they add a touch of the tropics to any outdoor space.
  3. Easy to Grow: Our tropicals are perennials and designed for ease of care. Even novice gardeners will find joy in watching these guava trees thrive. Each order comes with detailed planting instructions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  4. Individually Packaged: Your guava trees and seeds are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive at your doorstep in prime condition. This makes them an excellent gift idea for gardening enthusiasts, plant lovers, holidays, birthdays, business associates, men, women, co-workers, family, and friends.
  5. Exotic Gift Idea: Surprise your loved ones with a unique and tropical gift. Our guava trees make for a memorable and delightful present for any occasion.

How to Order: Simply browse our selection, choose the guava trees or seeds that suit your preferences, and place your order. We ship directly to your door, ensuring that you receive the beauty of Hawaii without leaving your home.

Bring a Slice of Paradise Home: Transform your living spaces with the allure of our Hawaiian-grown guava trees. Order now and embark on a tropical journey with Tropical Haven Nursery. Your slice of paradise is just a click away!

Guava trees bring not only delicious fruits but also a tropical aesthetic to gardens and landscapes, making them a popular choice for both amateur and experienced gardeners in various parts of the world.


  • Can grow to 30 feet tall
  • Need full sun
  • Plant seeds ½ inch deep in porous soil
  • Keep in shaded area until seeds sprout and root (about 3 weeks)
  • Gradually move in to full sun.
  • Keep soil evenly moist allow top few inches to dry before watering again
  • Fertilize once a month