Bird of Paradise


Bird of Paradise plants

Create your tropical flower garden with the Bird of Paradise plant. Imagine a striking orange and playful blue Bird of Paradise presiding over your home garden. The Hawaiian Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae crane flower is one of the most beautiful of all exotic flowers, with an orange and blue crest emerging from the canoe-shaped bract. These Bird of Paradise are great for completing your tropical bouquet, a truly unique flower for your tropical garden.

Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Reginae starter plant 6 to 10 inches tall potted and rooted in 2.5 inch container no bloom.


  • Plant in a mixture of well-draining sandy loam or shredded tree fern with good drainage
  • Keep moist
  • Full sunlight
  • Fertilize once a month
  • Let soil dry between watering

Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Reginae Seeds 1 pack 4 seeds


  • Notch seeds and soak overnight in water
  • Plant seeds in a mixture of sandy loam or shredded tree fern with good drainage 
  • Keep moist
  • Once seeds have sprouted, place in partial sunlight for 6 weeks, then move to full sunlight
  • Fertilize once a month. 

Grown in certified pest-free nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipped under all relevant Department of Agriculture regulations.