Pineapple Plant


Why count on the grocery store to bring juicy, exotic pineapples to your home? Hawaiian pineapples are fun to grow and easy to maintain as any potted plant. Give it lots of sun and well-drained soil, and move inside the house before frost. The plant is approximately 22 - 28 inches. Potted/rooted in a 4-inch pot. 


Pineapple Ananas Comosus starter plant 18 to 28 inches tall, planted and rooted in 4 inch container no blooms


  • Replant in well-drained succulent or cactus soil or loamy potting soil with a good fistful or two of perlite Keep evenly moist but not soaked
  • Good humidity level over 50%
  • Keep in full sun
  • Fertilize during spring or summer 

Grown in certified pest-free nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipped under all relevant Department of Agriculture regulations.