Vanda Orchid


Strap Leaf Vanda Orchid Starter Plants>

A spectacular and deep purple arising from strap-shaped leaves? That is a mark of Hawaiian flowers and a sure way to set your garden apart. The Hawaiian Strap Leaf Vanda orchid blooms on upright spikes, which sprout from between strap-shaped leaves. Each spike produces 3 – 12 flowers that last as long as 20 to 30 days! This flower is excellent for flower arrangements.


Strap Leaf Vanda Orchid starter plant is 5 to 8 inches tall, planted and rooted in 2 inch container no bloom


  • Replant in coarse chunks of fir or redwood bark mixed with large perlite and hardwood charcoal for drainage
  • Keep humidity level is between 60% and 70%
  • Fertilize when new leaves are starting
  • Use timed release 14-14-14 fertilizer
  • Bright light and with some direct sun
  • Keep soil moist not soggy

Grown in certified pest-free nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipped under all relevant Department of Agriculture regulations.