Guava Psidium Guajava Seeds


If you've been on a Hawaiian vacation, chances are you had at least one memorable meal with the delicious and elevating Guava fruit. The largest guava plantation in the United States, with 480 acres under cultivation, is Guava Kai Plantation in Kilauea. So bring some seeds home and grow your own! Guava is one of the most nutritious fruits available. The flesh is white, red, or salmon-colored and the flavor ranges from strawberry to lemon to tropical. Guavas are cholesterol- and sodium-free, plus low in fat and calories and high in fiber. Great for indoors or outdoor growing.


  • Can grow to 30 feet tall 
  • Need full sun 
  • Plant seeds ½ inch deep in porous soil
  • Keep in shaded area until seeds sprout and root (about 3 weeks)
  • Gradually move in to full sun.
  • Keep soil evenly moist allow top few inches to dry before watering again 
  • Fertilize once a month

Grown in certified pest-free nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipped under all relevant Department of Agriculture regulations.