Jasmine Plant

The beautiful Stephanotis Floribunda Madagascar Jasmine plant has white waxy trumpets about two inches long with a delicately pleasant fragrance. Although a native of Madagascar Jasmine, the fragrance captivated the native Hawaiians and they adopted this plant very quickly as a lei flower and especially as a wedding bouquet flower. That's why the Hawaiian name is Pua Male or "marry flower". This plant is a twining vine-like shrub with five pedal tubular, waxy flowers about 2 inches in length. Leaves are leathery, oval shaped,and the plant’s woody tendrils can grow to 20 feet a woody vine and the leaves are thick and glossy, but it is the fragrance you’ll treasure most.


 Stephanotis Floribunda Madagascar Jasmine Starter Plant 5 to 8 Inches Tall, Planted and Rooted in 2 inch Container No bloom.


  • Use a rich loamy soil that retains constant moisture, but not soggy 
  • Fertilize with a half strength solution twice a month during the growing season
  • Mist regularly
  • Keep humidity level at 40 to 80 percent

Grown in certified pest-free nursery on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipped under all relevant Department of Agriculture regulations.