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Lilikoi Fruit Seeds

Lilikoi Fruit Seeds

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Lilikoi Passion Fruit Seeds

Lilikoi passion fruit (passiflora edulis)

plant is perhaps of the most classic of Hawaiian flavors. You will find it in POG (Passionfruit, Orange, Guava drink), in cheesecake, in amazing cocktails and topping Haupia pudding. Hawaiian yellow passion fruit is the best flavored. It grows outside in coastal California and with protection in Northern California, and it needs shady protection in low desert areas like Arizona. The passion fruit also has amazing flowers, named for Christian symbolism. Great for making jam, jellies, and butter.


  • Germination takes 12-18 days 
  • Fruits usually ripen from flowering in 80 days
  • Plant seeds ½ inch deep in potting soil media, place in full sun
  • Place soft woods like redwood spikes around the container to bring carpenter bees
  • They fertilize the fruit flower
  • Fertilize with 10-5-20 once a month 
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